March is possibly my favorite month. The opportunities seem endless, at least within the provincial bounds of my little hobbies. Big lines begin to stabilize (though perhaps not this year…), there are still ample powder days to be had, valley temperatures warm enough to allow for some rock climbing on sunnier, lower crags, Hebgen is still frozen :)…

Kate on a lazy Ellis day, one day after racking up more vert than she ever had:

Jen and I headed to Allenspur the next day, which began sunny and warm and ended windy and cold, though thoroughly climbable. First day on rock of 2012. Emigrant looking windy from the crag. For some reason seeing the behemoth inspired me to venture in there and check things out some time soon:

This is what blew in:

So fun. Happy to have midterms overwith and a bit of free time during the week again to go play in the hills. Thanks to Kate for letting me play with her point and shoot for a bit.

Free plug for some good thoughts on the recent Cerro Torre “controversy” from the headliner himself. Nice if you have a drive coming up or (like me) are prone to listen to podcasts in the skintrack when skiing solo.

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