After seeing a bunch of people start to do their typical “Winter is coming, here’s a 2012-13 rehash” type of post, I figured it was high time to put the nail in the coffin:

I won’t be updating anything on here any more, mainly due to a lack of time (scanty free time spent in pursuit, not re-creation), but also a lack of motivation and a distaste for how things turned out. This site was originally intended to be a creative outlet for my writing, but that never really happened. It quickly became like 99% of the other skiing blogs out there, cool to scroll through once in a while but not really contributing anything different to the arena. Why spend the time crafting a visually and verbally stimulating piece when it’s so much easier to just “throw up” your photos and add a few descriptive sentences?

(it also really pisses me off that wordpress started putting ads on my site)

So this is just a PSA that there won’t be anything new around here anymore.  I’ll leave it up, because maybe some random beta-seeking Googler will find something interesting/informative/inspiring. I’ll still share photos via my Facebook account (Nick Stayner is my name for anyone interested and not friends w/ me already). If I find the time (unlikely for the next year and half!) to finish any pieces I’ve been working on, I’ll start something else like this in the future.

Thanks for reading everyone! I wish you all the greatest and safest of ski seasons.

Still Here

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 12.15.45 AM(yes, posting screenshots of snowy early fall forecasts is one of the most overused cliches in ski social media…. but it’s still kind of exciting, isn’t it?)

A convergence of big life events & responsibilities have left me truly busier than ever recently, so apologies to family and friends who appreciate seeing posts on here. I’ll try to do better!

Busted S100


(result of a collision between a climber and the ground on a Crazy Woman Crag route. thankfully, an “attentive” belay saved the day and only mild impact occurred due to rope stretch)


(super funny and wonderful old artifact, randomly encountered, of one of my favorite bands)

Eye Candy Arete

Super busy with hospital orientation this week, but still want to share a couple photos of Eye Candy Arete, another Trevor Bowman Sheridan, WY mega-classic sport climb. Spent 4 days over there last week, climbing great, uncrowded granite and dolomite while enjoying the company of fantastic pals from all over the northern Rockies. 

eye candy 4

eye candy arete 1

(Bowman took both these photos (of me))